Frequenctly Asked Questions

There are so many sites that offer astrology services. How is different from the rest? is conceived as a standalone online platform for all kinds of astrological services and products. Also, we offer customized services and provide you a bouquet of choices like for example you can choose the language in which you want the predictions or solution to be delivered. We are also 100% secure and take a lot of care to ensure the most professional quality of services.

Is your site open to all astrologers to market their services?

No. We only empanel those astrologers who pass through various parameters in an elaborate empanelment policy. Some of the parameters are: expertise, experience in the field, reviews & feedback from users, awards & certifications if any, etc.

How secure is the interaction between the astrologer and an user? Is it open for free and unfettered access to any visitor to the website?

No. We understand that many people would prefer to keep their interaction with the astrologer private. Thatís why a separate Dashboard is provided to every empanelled astrologer, and every user has total access control in his hands by way of an exclusive log-in and password.

What are the services available in your website?

We offer a wide range viz. personalized horoscope, Nadi astrology, conventional astrology, Numerology, choosing names for newborns & name correction, etc.

Do you also provide some astro-based products like Rudraksha, etc?

Yes. Our products range from Gemstones, Rudraksha, Yantras, Pooja items and the like, many more of which will be added very soon.

What is the guarantee to testify the genuineness of these products?

All our line of products come with a certification to ensure their genuineness. For example, our Rudrakshas on offer are first put through a stringent lab test to ensure the seeds are not tampered with and a lab certification is obtained to testify its genuineness. We also procure the Rudrakshas from Nepal and Indonesia, acknowledged as the source of pure and un-tampered Rudrakshas.

How can I interact with a Nadi astrologer online?

Nadi astrology is based on a reading of the relevant palm leaves based on oneís thumb impression. You can send a scan image of your thumb impression to the particular Nadi astrologer and interact with him through Skype. Nadi astrologers are available only for consultation.

I would like to avail the services of an astrologer who has particular expertise in a field I am looking for. Is this possible?

Yes. You can click on the database of astrologers in our panel and see for yourself their specialization, track record, experience, etc. You can make your own judgement on who is the best person to give you a solution to your particular problem.

Do you offer any guarantee about the accuracy of the predictions made?

No. We do not believe in misleading the user. However, it is true that we do take a lot of precaution and extreme care to ensure the services provided are thoroughly professional and there is no hanky-panky. As we have stated earlier, our policy of empanelling astrologers is based on many parameters and there is no room for fakery on this count.

Do I need to interact with your astrologers only in English?

No. All our astrological and related services are provided in multiple Indian languages to customize the service to your convenience. We also have plans to extend this service globally in foreign languages also!

What do I do after I select an astrologer from your database?

You can contact the astrologer over phone or online (phone number and email id of the astrologer is given in the database) for consultation for a prescribed period of your choice, viz. 15 minutes, 30 minutes and so on. For obtaining an appointment or for asking personal questions, you may email the astrologer. You can either type out your personal question or select any of the suggested/enlisted questions.

What are the basic details that I need to provide to an astrologer?

Your name, date, time and place of birth, and your address, apart from the preferred date and time of appointment sought with the astrologer.

Tell me a little about the Horoscopy service provided by you.

Under our Personalized Horoscopy Services, your Horoscope will be analyzed by professional field experts and a computerized Horoscope will be sent to you.

Apart from the products & services offered, is there anything else I can look forward to in your site? also offers job opportunities to homemakers, unemployed youth, senior citizens, who can become an Agent to market any of our listed products/services and earn commission on the sales made.

Do I have to pay anything for getting enrolled as an Agent?

It is virtually free. You have to only pay a nominal initial deposit which itself will be adjusted against the commission accrued by you on the sales made. It is like a pre-paid deposit of say Rs 1000 and once you have fully redeemed it, your investment as such is zero.An agent can also exit anytime he/she wishes to do so, and any amount of the initial deposit made if outstanding, will be fully refunded. In other words, this is a business opportunity which needs nil investment and has zero risk! Also, since it can be done at anytime you wish to do, either part-time or full-time, depending on your inclination and interest.

What is the potential for earning for an Agent?

The potential for earning is tremendous since the nature of our services & products have universal use, are non-seasonal, and sought after by virtually all sections of society, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

How can an Agent market your products & services?

Every Agent will be provided with an exclusive Dashboard which will be like a personalized website of the Agent and display all the products & services available in Access to this Dashboard will be fully secure and in the hands of the Agent with password enabled log-in. Full details of order confirmation, sales closure, and commission earnings accumulated will be available in the Dashboard.

If I wish to post any experience of mine about a correct (or wrong too) prediction made by an astrologer who may or may not be listed in your site, can I do so?

We welcome all our viewers and users to share their experiences through our online platform. We wish to build a robust and interactive community of people interested in astrology and its allied services. In fact we also invite feedback from the sceptics so as to elevate the discourse to take diverse points of view to make for an engaging and enlightened analysis. We firmly believe that Talking to The Other will add true value and deliver original insights.