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Brief Introduction About Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology is an ancient form of astrology practiced in southern States of India, mainly Tamil Nadu and Kerala. According to legend going back to over thousand years in history, great sages like Magadh, Kaushik and Bhrigu were gifted with divine powers to record the past, present and future of all human beings on palm leaves called NADI.
But the catch is these recordings written in ancient Tamil and Sanskrit can be deciphered only by experts who have studied this branch of astrology – and it is believed that only those who are destined to read these scriptures can do so accurately. In other words, this is a closely knit community and that’s why one has to be wary of mischievous elements who try to pass off as Nadi experts and take advantage of one’s innocence.

The Nadi scriptures that unfold the secrets of one’s past, present and future, merely by a reading of one’s thumb impression, are traced to the Chola reign in south India. The term ‘Nadi’ in Tamil means ‘in search of’. Therefore, the existence of Nadi astrology indicates that every human being is in search of his past and future.
The scriptures are difficult to decipher as they are written in poetry form, in sonnets and couplets, and so can be read only by linguistic experts. To preserve the etched writings, the sages rubbed peacock oil on the leaves which is believed to keep them for posterity.
Nadi astrology’s primary centre is at Vaitheeswaran Koil, a historic temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Temple history retells the story of Lord Shiva praying to Vaitheeswaran, a divine healer with the power to cure any illness and disease, which adds to the aura and belief system of Nadi astrology.

How it Works?

The question uppermost on anyone’s mind would be: How can a thumb impression reveal the past, present and future of one’s life? The only way to answer this question is to first approach it with faith in the age-old belief that the record of all human lives has been preserved by evolved sages blessed with such divine powers to realize such enlightenment.
However, it must be remembered that a person’s thumb impression is unique and is impossible to replicate. The whirls and loops on the thumb are unique to each person and beyond duplication. A Nadi practitioner uses a person’s thumb impression to identify the right palm impression relevant to it. Like the thumb impressions, the Nadis or the prints in the palm leaves are classified into 108 forms.
There’s also a misplaced belief that the Nadi recordings are only for Indians. As per legend, this can be used to interpret and reveal the past, present and future life of any human being, irrespective of caste, nationality, or religion.
For the sceptics, one can only point at the huge success of sci-fi fantasy films immortalized in many movies about time travel, divining the future, etc which have gained large acceptability in society. If you connect this mainstream thought with the relevant latest research trends in cognitive science, thread theory in physics, and time travel made possible as per Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, recording of human life including the past, present and future, seems to be perfectly within the realm of possibility!
Like it is said, the more we know, the more we know that we know less.
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Naadi Shastra - Experience It - To Believe It

Special Note: Please do not disclose your Name or any personal particulars unless and until astrologer ask you to confirm it.

We understand your curiousity to experience "What's going to happen in the future?" as well as "What is being kept back?".

Nadi Astrology is also known as Kanda Astrology because the predictions on your Nadi leaf are segregated into 14 main Kandams or Chapters. Of these, first 12 Chapters relate to the 12 Houses of one's birth chart. Chapters 13 and 14 are remedial chapters.

Our esteemed Naadi experts can deliver the below facts to your inbox in form of Audio file:
Kandam Number Description
1 To be found out through thumb impression (Gents Right- Ladies Left) or horoscope of the concerned person will contain name, parents name, present details of predictions brother, sisters, children, wife and gist of future predictions for all the 12 house.
2 Money, Eyes, Family, Education and speach
3 Number of Brothers and Sisters, Affection, help of ill feeling in between self and Brothers and Sisters, Ears, Courage.
4 Mother, House, Vehicle, Lands pleasures.
5 Children, their birth reason for not having children, adoption of remedial measures for having children, future lives of the children.
6 Disease Debts Enemies & Court Cases. Remedial measures of avoidance
7 Time of marriage, Name Lagnam, Planetary positions and distance of residence of the bride or bridegroom, Future life with husband or wife
8 Longevity, Accident & Danger of Life, Age Month, Date, Day, Time, Star-Lagnam and place of death.
9 Father-Prediction in regard of father, Wealth visit to temples, Luck, Upadesam from holymen, charitable deeds.
10 Profession, Future predictions of regard to job or business. Change of place, good & evils in Professions
11 Profits and second marriage.
12 Expenditure, Foreign Visit, Next Birth &Attainment of salvation.
13 SANATHl PARIHARAM : Last birth, Sins committed, remedial measures for getting rid of the effect of the past birth sins.
14 DEEKSHAI KANDAM : Manthra japam wearing of Rakshai (Talisman) for avoidance of enemies troubles etc.
Free#1 AUSHADHA KANDAM : Medicines of long standing diseases and method of taking them.
Free#2 DlSABUKTHl KANDAM : Prediction of the running Disa Bukthi (Major and sub. period)
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