• About Us
  • Astro Emart was started to recover credible ground for Astrology, a much maligned service and bring it closer to deliver the aspirations of people.
    The company has the ambitious goal of seeking the middle ground by shunning the extreme positions of both the believers and non-believers. Astro Emart is basically an ethical marketer of ideas on Astrology and its allied services, while at the same time, being conscious of avoiding peddling lies, half-truths and motivated assertions.
    The company is built on the premise that reliability and accuracy of predictions are the outcome of a genuine understanding of the art and science of Astrology, on the part of the practitioners. In other words, the faith and belief of those who seek answers from Astrology is secondary and not intrinsically linked to the art and science of Astrology.

  • The Promoter
  • Astro Emart is promoted by Srikanth, a young IT professional hailing from a conservative family closely linked to astrology. At an early age, he was moved by the stories of the dubious practices of some astrologers and how it was giving a bad disrepute to this ancient study of the planetary stars and how they impact humans of the planet.

    In popular perception, Astrology and its allied services was not seen to be delivering the solution for the believers or for those using its services. However since it operated in a demand-oriented market (demand = problems), all kinds of dubious and amateur service providers began to foray into the market and inevitably it led into a meltdown in the quality of the service provided.

    After a painstaking analysis and research, Srikanth decided to start Astro Emart, as a company that would bring together both the practitioners and the users from all over the world, on multiple platforms, in different languages, and deliver a multitude of astrological services and products.

  • Astro Emart Vision
  • To be recognized as one of the most credible and trustworthy Astrology and Allied Service (including Astro Products) Provider in the world.
  • Astro Emart Mission
  • To deliver high quality and authentic Astrology and allied Services in the language of the choice of the consumer from all parts of India in the first three years of its inception and to extend this Service globally across the world in five years.
  • Unique Selling Proposition