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Brief Inroduction to Nadi Astrology

For the uninitiated, Nadi is pure magic. Like a Believe-It-Or-Not.

Like, do you know that your thumb impression carries your Name, Date of Birth, Names of your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Spouse, Children and give you a thumb-nail sketch of future predictions of your complete life.

Here’s a history lesson you haven’t read: Do you know that the ancient Hindu sages thousands of years ago had already foreseen the Past, Present and Future lives of all Humans on earth and written on palm leaves with their yogic Intuitive power.

Like, Do you know the ancient sages had already predicted the day the person comes to avail of Nadi astrology is pre-ordained and he is destined to do so.

Experience Nadi to know the hidden secrets in your Thumb. We don’t need your Name or Date of Birth but just a scanned copy of your Thumb impression. Our Nadi astrologers will be able to tell your your personal details including your date of Birth with the help of ancient palm leaves.


Book Appointment with an Expert          This service will cost you INR 1/- + Taxes

WhatsApp number is preferable
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Please use Email ID, Skype ID and Mobile number of your friends/relatives only, as your details comprises your personal information. The Astrologer will predict your Name and personal information with the help of your thumb impression. Please answer the questions by Astrologer only with Yes/No to confirm your Nadi leaf.

Personalised Nadi leaf can be found by Astrologer only if you are destined to take service right now.If not, Don't worry because full amount will be refunded back.

The fingerprint image should show clear whirls and loops on your thumb. If not clear, then your order can be cancelled by Astrologer and Order amount will be refunded to you after excluding processing fees.

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Famous Astrologers

Phone & Web Consultaion is a customized service where your Horoscope will be meticulously analysed by our expert Celebrity Astrologers. To help you make an informed choice, you are free to select any of our empanelled Astrologers/Horoscope Experts from our database. Full individual details of expertise, experience, track record, reviews, feedback, awards, certifications, etc of the empanelled Astrologers are given to enable you to choose the right one that meets your personal needs.


Personalized Horoscope is a customized service where a Personalized Horoscope Report is generated by a computer (Except Past Life & Name Correction Report) after filling in the necessary details and this Report is interpreted by our field experts/astrologers/analysts.

How accurate are the predictions made in the Personalized Horoscope? We are committed to provide you the services of only those Astrologers who are tried, tested and trusted in their individual field, and so you can be rest assured that there is no compromise on the quality of services rendered.

20+ Years Experienced Astrologers
5,000++ Name Corrections
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Astro eMart Certificate(s)

Why Choose Astro eMart?


Astro Emart has a strict Empanelment Policy for Astrologers, Nadi experts, Numerologists, etc based on their expertise, experience, track record, certifications, awards, recognition, etc. The company will include in its Panel, only those Astrologers who fulfil all the stringent parameters of our policy. The basic idea is to make an empanelled Astrologer to take pride in being able to offer his services through Astro-Emart, and thus leverage on the mutual benefits that accrue from such co-branding.


Astro Emart offers Agency to individuals interested in enrolling themselves as Agents for marketing of the company’s products and services. Every Astrologer, Numerologist, etc - and each Agent of the company - will be given a separate interactive Dashboard to interface with their users.


Users can avail of the company’s Services in the language of their choice and also enjoy instant access to the Astrologer/Service Provider of their choice.


Astro Emart’s Astro Products (like Gem Stones, Rudraksha, etc) come with a certification wherever feasible to ensure that the consumer buys only genuine products. Our in-house Quality Checks have been meticulously developed to ensure the product’s genuineness and prevent fake products from being passed off as genuine.